Discovering Durga: the Embodiment of Divine Feminine Power

Join me for another Myth, Mantra, Mudra, and Meditation event at the Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Center on January 18. discovering-durga-fb-event-cover-2

Journey to a time of great darkness when the world was beset by a powerful demon, the buffalo-headed Maheshasura. Emerging from a sacrificial bonfire, Durga is charged with defeating this very skilled and powerful foe. Despite her ample weaponry, she faces setback after setback. It’s only by responding from the depth of her own true nature can she bring light back into the world.

Through mythical storytelling, meditation, mantra, and mudra we’ll embed Durga’s courageous truths into our hearts, minds, and bodies.  We will contemplate how we respond to the challenges and disappointments of our own lives, even when we get knocked down. Like Durga, can we look inward after a setback, get in touch with the best parts of ourselves, and respond to our adversaries with integrity and courage?

Most importantly – can we hold on to our sense of humor in the face of great danger?* durga-maa-1600x1200-553537

You are invited to bring a Durga statue or image, something that symbolizes a current battle in your life, or an image or object that represents courage to you. We will create an altar with these items as a focal point for the workshop.

Bring a journal and a meditation cushion if you have one, chairs are available for those who can’t sit on the floor.

Early bird registration $20 before 1/15, $25 after that. Sign up on the Facebook event pageemail me, or stop by the MV Yoga Center and sign up there.

    *hint – that’s a really important part of the story!


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  1. Roseline Glazer says:

    This looks like just what I need with my femoral stress fracture, but I’m in NY and won’t be back until April. Thank you for sharing Durga, Jane. I like her. Roz



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